90-Day Notices to Connect issued for Marion Center – Monroeville Road (Project 1) & (Project 2)

The Allen County Regional Water and Sewer District (District) has completed the construction and installation of the new sanitary sewer system in the Marion Center – Monroeville Road area.  The new sewers have passed the necessary tests and the individual property connections should commence at this time.

In accordance with State Law, IC § 13-26-5-2 Sec. 2, (8)(A)(iii) property owners of the Marion Center – Monroeville Road area have been sent a letter that requests and requires them to connect to the District’s sanitary sewer system within ninety (90) days of November 15th, 2019.  Property owners must also decommission and discontinue use of their existing septic system. 

The sewer connection deadline has been extended to May 1, 2020 due to adverse weather conditions. 


Connecting to the Sanitary Sewer System

Find information about the connection process under the “Connection Process” tab of our website: acrwsd.com/connection-process.  On the “Connection Process” page you will find connection responsibilities and the following connection fact sheets:

User Connection Specifications

Grinder Pump Plans

Gravity Tap Plans

General Information – Project 1

General Information – Project 2


Billing Information

The Marion Center – Monroeville Road area property owners are currently being charged one-half rate, which covers the infrastructure costs during the construction phase.  Upon connection to the sanitary sewer, the monthly bill will increase to the full rate of $128.40. Property owners should also be aware that pursuant to the District’s Rate Ordinance, if you do not connect within 90 days, then you would be required to pay the Connection Fee of Two Thousand dollars ($2,000.00).  You may also be subject to additional Connection Fees that are charged by Fort Wayne City Utilities for connection to their sanitary sewer system. By connecting within 90-days, all Connection Fees are waived and therefore will not be due or payable.

Have Questions?

Please direct any additional questions you have about the connection process to our office by calling (260) 427-2696.  If you are unable to connect within 90 days for any reason, please call the office to discuss your options and we will work with your specific situation.