Connection Process

Most new customers of our project areas will have attended at least one of the multiple community meetings that are hosted by the District in order to maintain active and accurate communications with residents.

During each of these meetings, the District’s engineer will discuss the connection process and associated responsibilities of residents.  Information is also provided as a handout during the meetings and is mailed to those who were unable to attend.  Generally speaking, the connection process responsibility of residents includes the following:

  • Running electrical connection to the Grinder Pump Station (GPS) from your house – certified electrician required
  • Running lateral line from discharge point to the GPS
  • Decommissioning and fill of existing septic tank
  • TAP Inspection Fee – the District staff will need to inspect your connection
  • Department of Health Inspection Fee – of decommissioned septic tank

Total cost varies for each homeowner but commonly averages a total of $2000-$2500 for all materials, fees, and services provided by contractors. You will find a copy of the inspection request forms on the Information page of this website.

We have prepared informational brochures which provides a summary of our services.  The brochures are available at the following links:

Connection Process

Notice to Connect Letter

When construction is completed and passes inspection, a “Notice to Connect” letter will be sent by Certified Mail. This will contain a packet of information, some of which can be reviewed by clicking on the links below.

Suggestions from the District

Allen County Regional Water & Sewer District recommends all customers connecting to the District infrastructure use the Sewer Tap Contractor List. We further  recommend obtaining several estimates and checking with the Better Business Bureau before making a decision.  You may contact our office at 260.427.2696, for updated listing (list changes frequently).

Payments and Fees

You will have 90 days to connect to the new sewer line from the date of your “Notice to Connect” letter. Connection occurring after 90 days will be subject to a District Connection Fee of $2,000.00 per Rate Ordinance #2020-07-22 a. Your full monthly sewer rate will be charged beginning on the first billing cycle after the date on the “Notice to Connect” letter, regardless of whether you are connected to the sewer line.

Financial Assistance

We recognize that situations may exist in which tap fees or connection costs associated with a lateral sewer connection may present some homeowners with a financial hardship.  The Allen County Regional Water & Sewer District and Allen County Commissioners now offer a financial assistance loan program to eligible homeowners connecting to sewer.

Give us a call at 260-427-2696 or stop by our office for more details.