Is your septic system over 20-25 years old?  What about your neighbors? Has anyone noticed that there is discharge from an old septic system where it probably should not be?  Before you replace your entire septic system, you should consider all of the options available to you – including sanitary sewer service.

If you are interested in learning more about the possibility of sanitary sewer service from the Allen County Regional Water and Sewer District in your neighborhood, please start with the attached petition form.   We operate on a complaint driven or petition driven basis for new projects. Please complete and submit the Petition Form to to show the interest level of you and your neighbors.

Signing the petition does not guarantee that a sewer will be constructed but serves as an initial, formal request from residents.  If the Board of Trustees decides to move forward with a petitioned area, an informational meeting will be held with residents to discuss the sanitary sewer options and next steps.

The key advantages to working with the ACRWSD include our ability to obtain low interest (typically less than 3%) financing for the cost of engineering design and sewer construction and very often, grants from the State of Indiana.  This allows homeowners to pay for the project cost through rates instead of all at once. Additionally, the health hazards presented by outdated and potentially failing septic systems in your can be resolved through one managed project rather than several individual sewer replacements.

Petition Form

Property owners may opt to receive project related communications and updates by e-mail. Complete and e-mail the ACRWSD Electronic Correspondence (E-mail) Form to

You will receive all project related communications, including letters, forms, and meeting information by e-mail instead of the United States Postal Service.

ACRWSD Electronic Correspondence (E-mail) Form

2021 Meeting Minutes


All public records are obtainable by written request to the Allen County Regional Water & Sewer District Office.

The fees charged by the ACRWSD are governed by the District’s Rate Ordinance #2021-03-24, #2020-07-22 A, #2019-11-13, Rate Ordinance #2018-3-28, #2015-12-1, and Rate Ordinance #2016-4-27.  These ordinances lists the schedule of rates and charges to be collected by the Allen County Regional Water and Sewer District from the owners of property served by the sewerage works of the District, and other matters connected therewith.  The ordinances are available at the following links:  Rate Ordinance #2021-03-24; Rate Ordinance #2020-07-22 A; Rate Ordinance #2019-11-13 ; Rate Ordinance #2018-3-28 ; Rate Ordinance #2015-12-1 ; Rate Ordinance #2016-4-27.

The use of the ACRWSD system is governed by the District’s Sewer Use Ordinance #2012-4-1  This ordinance regulates the connection to and the use of public and private sewers and drains, the installation and connection of building sewers, and the discharge of waters and wastes into the public sewer systems of the Allen County Regional Water & Sewer District, and provides penalties for violations thereof.  The entire ordinance is available at the following link:  #2012-4-1 Sewer Use Ordinance